With the University of Wisconsin ranked No. 4 for "reefer madness" on
campus, it comes as no surprise that smoking is strong, the weed is
potent and dealers run rampant.

Ashcroft's federal push and regulations put glass blowers out of
business, in jail and under scrutiny for a short time, but Madison has
pulled through the push and is continuing to sell pipes in a few head
shops under the stipulation that they be solely used for tobacco use.

For a short time, pipes were shoved to the back of stores, cases
selling these pieces of art were cut down from seven to one, and some
stores even stopped selling entirely.

Regardless of personal thoughts regarding smoking pot, it is clear
that even with regulation, the drug is here to stay. In a Harvest Fest
parade just a few weeks ago, weed activists marched down State Street,
joints in hand without prosecution, with one main cause in mind: the
legalization of marijuana.

The prevalence of this illegal substance and the openness of pot
smokers are shocking to some. Head-shop employees say sales are as
strong as ever, nor do dealers seem to be complaining, and yet
narcotics officers and anti-drug groups pride themselves on drug busts
and prevention methods. Contradiction?

Despite ill effects such as potential infertility in males, rumored
reduced penis size, killing of brain cells, and so on, smoking
marijuana is as prevalent as it ever has been among college students,
young women included. So if these young males want to risk these
effects to their prized possessions and women want to smoke knowing
full well the potential damage done, than perhaps Ashcroft should
rethink his prevention plan.

Pubdate: Thu, 16 Oct 2003
Source: Badger Herald (Edu, Madison, WI)
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