The South Dakota Industrial Hemp Council has a booth at the Heritage Festival, in Memorial Park, near the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, from July 3rd (at 6 pm) thru the 6th (late).

As you know, industrial hemp is on the ballot this fall. This is a good way for us to get information to lots of people in a short time.

First, you’re all invited to come by and say hi. Now, if any of you would like to hang out at the booth and kinda tend to things — answer questions, keep the literature from blowing away, meet some dynamic people — for a few hours, we can use your help.

Please either stop by the booth and let Jeremy Briggs know your desire to help.

Eric Steenstra of VoteHemp has lent us a nice hemp display which is traveling the nation this summer. And we have some nice stuff of our own, besides.

For more information, contact:

Heritage Festival

South Dakota Industrial Hemp Council


Rapid City, July 3-6.

Bob Newland, South Dakota Industrial Hemp Council