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Well Duh, The Hippie movement was the right way till drug abuse. Peace & Love was everywhere and it's better than war.
Now as for your comment on Tax Rate at 50% why do you think? Because they have FREE MEDICAL CARE, FREE PRESCRIPTIONS, THEY PAY NO OUT OF POCKET FOR THAT STUFF.
This is why I mentioned you should travel more. I'm born in Spain, under USA flag, my hometown as a kid was So. Calif. I've been to Europe, Canada (all over) Mexico (all Over) and traveled in a show for two years all over the USA every main city.
That's when your eyes really open to a real world and I'd rather pay more tax for free medical care and prescriptions and own my own big home with free college studies.
We should have Peace & Love and free insurance and pay high tax. Yeehaw!!! LOL
As a Canadian citisen I can tell you that I wouldn't be alive if I lived in the US.My health has declined recently and if I'd had to pay to get care I would be a corpse.However,I am not one of the only 1500 people in this country that can possess marijuana for the severe pain.There are pros and cons to every system.