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Thread: Harnett Pot Was Worth $84 Million

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    Harnett Pot Was Worth $84 Million

    MAMERS - State and local law enforcement brought in an early harvest this week, yanking 35,000 marijuana plants out of the ground in what may have been the biggest single haul in Harnett County history.

    Lt. Todd Woodard, who oversees the aviation unit of the N.C. Highway Patrol, said his officers were making a regular scouting flight looking for marijuana by helicopter when they spotted the crop Tuesday. The patrol, along with the N.C. National Guard and State Bureau of Investigation, fly the state throughout the growing season, Woodard said, coordinating with teams on the ground.

    Last year, because of the drought, the air patrols didn't find as many plots as they have in the past, Woodard said. But the Harnett County operation was shaping up to be a bumper crop.

    Maj. Eddie Holder of the Harnett County Sheriff's Office said it appeared that some of the plants had been started right after the last frost; the tallest had grown to about 4 feet, and the smallest were about 18 inches. At maturity -- about 8 feet, Holder said -- a single plant can be harvested, dried and sold on the street for about $2,400.

    That would make the plants found Tuesday worth about $84 million. "I understand they have chemicals that can interact with the growth of the plant like they do with chickens, that make them grow faster and mature faster," Holder said.

    Holder said the plants were scattered over eight plots in an area off U.S. 421 west of Lillington, a region where officers have found marijuana crops before. The plants were found in an overgrown timber cut, a remote area covered with pine trees and thorny underbrush, and bordered by dead-end roads and a branch of a creek that feeds into the Cape Fear River. Holder said that it probably took several people to tend the plants and that they likely worked on the crop every day. Officers found a shelter where it appeared someone may have stayed overnight at times, and it looked as if someone had been hauling water from the creek to keep the plants moist. "Matter of fact," Holder said, "the ground was still wet in some places. That's how close we were."

    No arrests were made, Holder said, but officers are investigating. After photographing the operation and saving a handful of plants for evidence, officers pulled the rest out of the ground. Holder said that even with off-duty deputies called in to help, it took six hours. After that, he said, the plants were "taken to the local landfill and interacted with some kerosene and a match."

    One other thing of interest officers found, Holder said, was a container of Deer Off, designed to keep deer, rabbits and squirrels away from plants.

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    Re: Harnett Pot Was Worth $84 Million

    and to think, I am living where this is all going on, and lemme tell you, this is a Bible beating place, everyone here seems to be walking to straight and narrow! Oh well, makes me happy to know that herb is makin a name for itself around here!

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    Re: Harnett Pot Was Worth $84 Million

    You cant help someone up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself..
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    Re: Harnett Pot Was Worth $84 Million

    8ft plants I cld make more than $2400 per plant

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    Re: Harnett Pot Was Worth $84 Million

    Stupid!! They cannot stand that a little man might make a buck without giving most to the corporations that run this country!!
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