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Thread: Knesset Outlaws Sale Of Bongs

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    Knesset Outlaws Sale Of Bongs

    ISRAEL- The Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee approved on Sunday a law banning the sale of bongs ? water pipes often used for the smoking of marijuana.

    The law, which was approved in the second and third readings, prohibits the sale and import of apparatuses geared for the production and consumption of illicit drugs. The main objective of the new law is to put an end to the sale of bongs at stores adjacent to educational institutions.

    The law stipulates that the punishment for the sale of bongs will not exceed five years incarceration. However, the Knesset committee withdrew the clause that prohibits the possession of paraphernalia used for personal drug use.

    The law applies to all apparatuses used for the production and consumption of illicit drugs, but mentions by name only the bong.

    The explanation attached to the wording of the law states that "the sale and import of bongs has dealt a blow to the country. Smoking devices are sold in kiosks and grocery stores adjacent to schools and other places frequented by young people, and are imported into Israel in large quantities."

    Even before the new law was approved, the existing law prohibited the sale and possession of devices used to produce or consume drugs, and even attached a maximum 20 year jail sentence as a penalty to such a crime, but the existing law is difficult to enforce because the courts insist that the device in question contain at least traces of illicit substances.

    The new law still awaits approval in the second and third readings before the Knesset plenum.

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    Re: Knesset Outlaws Sale Of Bongs

    A step in the wrong direction. Why does everything have to be a knee jerk reaction, if the bongs were being sold at street markets near schools than why not propose legislation for keeping the sale of the water pipes in a 18&up facility. In my city we are in the works to have bongs banned and there is all these reefer-madness editorials popping up in the newspapers here. The guy who proposed it said that head shops were selling to minors but instead of cracking down on that he wants a full out prohibition. And the big twist is that we are in a medical marijuana state so the water pipes can be used in compliance with state law but not if this guy gets what he wants...

    Also every waterpipe imaginable is avaliable online and is just a click away, so this prohibition is just going to cost the city tax revenue in the long run.

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    Re: Knesset Outlaws Sale Of Bongs

    what do you expect from our theocracy run 51st State?