Sirs and Bros, Having recently heard of the drug
dog assault on Byron Bay Australia, from the Nimbin
Cafe Australia Website, I was horrfified to hear that
their dogs just roam public gatherings and parking
lots busting people. Unless we want to end up there, i
suggest 'we' take action. After searching 'drug
sniffing dogs', lo and behold, I have found that we
are well on our way to Martial Law as inflicted upon
us by trained Drug dogs. Our schools are being
inundated by these assaults and hundreds of thouseands
of dollars are being redirected from the already
pitiful school budgets to pay for dogs to assault our
kids in school. I/m not going to get into the legality
pf this. My point here is that at last we can fight
back !! THC TEA. Old stems, seeds, male leaves,
roaches,....these can all be boiled up and squirted
around schools , churches, office buildings, police
stations, police cars, hydrants, telephone poles,
garbage cans, your dogs butt,....catch my drift.
Little old ladies in church; one might hit the jackpot
and be lucky enough to get the Mayors wife, or mother,
or the Police Chiefs sister. Oh SWEET REVENGE!! Just
think about thousands od kids being terrorised
annually in their youth, in their schools by crotch
sniffing intimidating assailants. No press release
regarding the contestation of drug dog legality has
ever come back in favour of that fourth amendment
violation, so the dogs aren't really legal, but they
do it anyway. Remember the Boston Tea Party ? 'WE'
stood up to the dominance of a political posture. This
is the same spirit, and the same cause. How about the
' Pots ON tea party '? Anyone can play, in his own little
way. An eyedropper full of odiferous , invisible when
dry liquid can leave one wet spot anywhere in the
world, on anyone in the world, and bring any drug dog
into immediate disrepute, disfavour and disbandment.
DON'T TREAD ON ME !! Most Sincerely, Reverend Mike Goldsun