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Thread: Milk is a Gateway Drug to Bourbon

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    Milk is a Gateway Drug to Bourbon

    You have never before seen — nor will you ever see again — FBI director Robert Mueller so thoroughly humbled in a discussion about drug policy before the United States Congress.

    In this instance, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) gets Mueller to admit that marijuana has never killed anybody, then smashes into tiny bits the decades-old “gateway drug” argument with a unique analogy of milk and bourbon.

    This video is from CNN, broadcast May 20.

    As my friend Christopher Largen once opined with iconoclasm: “If co*aine dealers were the nation’s only source of coffee, a cup of Joe would soon be considered a gateway mug.”

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    Re: Milk is a Gateway Drug to Bourbon

    Whenever people speak against drugs their favorite three words are "Studies Have Shown".
    They won't be able to show you the studies, but they looooove saying those words.
    When Mueller talked about the poor parents who have lost children I almost lost it. This guy and all those like him are the reason a lot of them lost their lives.
    Probably just slipped his mind.

    Why did Mueller have to be in front of Congress anyway? He looked ill suited and unprepared(tough to supply evidence that doesn't exist) to be there.