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Thread: Hello 420 nation!

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    Hello 420 nation!

    We are dedicated 420 proponents, and are especially concerned about the treatment of our veterans. Being a Vietnam veteran who has gone through PTSD myself, I sympathize with the thousands of vets who are being hooked on opioids, or committing suicide (22 per day).

    Party on Garth!
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    Re: Hello 420 nation!

    Welcome Brother

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    Re: Hello 420 nation!

    Welcome milehighgames

    Veterans are always welcome here. We do our best to help, in any way we can. And since we are international, we see veterans from the UK, Canada, Australia etc etc . . . we welcome anybody who needs help, wants to learn to grow or just wants to belong to the best cannabis community there is.

    If you need anything, just holler.

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    Re: Hello 420 nation!

    Welcome, you are in good company. I am an Army vet 9/11 era.

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