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Thread: Harborside Health Center Oakland

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    Harborside Health Center Oakland

    This had quickly become my favorite co-op in Oakland. They accept you with only your doctor's note and an ID. Unlike many others in that require the card. They have secure parking onsite, which is amazing contrasted to the parking downtown. The security gaurds and doorman are really nice and make you feel welcome. They do a quick and painless verification on your first visit and give you a tour. They do alot for the patients whom frequent there. They offer FREE accupuncture, hypnotheripy, and traditional eastern medicine. There is also seperate display cases so you can check out the products in relative privacy. I am amazed by there service each and everytime I go! So if you are looking for a place to try in Oakland with high quality potent topshelf buds then try out HHC!!!

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    Re: Harborside Health Center Oakland

    been there a few times, quality is very high but prices are not the best... for that you want Blue Sky (formerly SR-71) on 17th street. The "bank/yuppie" atmosphere of harborside is a little too professional for my taste, and the security there can be a serious pain in the ass (metal detectors, cant enter without your recomendation at all, can only stand in specific areas, etc) but I cant fault their selection. also unmentioned... if you do 1hr of work writing letters to MMJ prisoners in jail/prison they will give you 1 gram of anything you want once a week. pretty sweet deal.