I have been searching for a doctor that will prescribe medical marijuana to me with no luck....any doctor I have been to for my multiple conditions says I'm a perfect candidate but won't sign the papers nor will they refer me to anyone but if I were to get my papers signed they would like to know who the doctor is so they can refer other patients if you can believe that...I refuse to take any pills for my pain because I don't think that it's a safe thing for me to do...I'm able to obtain weed on my own but I'm afraid of the risk if I were to be in possession an be stopped by the police an my doc says that's a risk I will have to take....does that make sense to you to be pain free I don't think that's right...all I want is a natural way to manage my chronic pain...when I can't afford to buy weed I go with out so I'm in extreme pain more then a few times a month also my doc won't prescribe any pain meds for me since I use pot so when I'm without I just wanna be put outta my misery...someone please help me an steer me in the right direction since my so call doctor won't help me...tired of being in pain an not being able to feel more like myself and be able to manage my pain...thanks in advance for any help