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Thread: Eligable for MMJ? (Sacramento area)

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    Question Eligable for MMJ? (Sacramento area)

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if I'm eligable for MMJ, I have chronic back pain and take cyc*****aprine (fl***ril).
    I have an appoitment for with Medicann, and was wondering if bringing my prescription bottle of fl***ril would be sufficient to recieve MMJ.

    Thanks for the input.
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    Re: Eligable for MMJ? (Sacramento area)

    I'm in Sac too. I know the meds you are on, don't work well eh!! I too am looking into MMJ for my spinal nerve damage/major depression/chronic pain. The list of meds I haven't been on is the shorter of my med lists. Don't do methadone if prescribed....serious side effect...depression. As if being in chronic pain isn't depressing enough. How did your Medicann appt go? I have an appt with MMEC in Oakland in a few days....don't know much about them, just what I read off their website and from my phone conversation with them. Would be interested in talking.