Here is the abstract and pdf document of this study

ABSTRACT. The Missoula Chronic Clinical Cannabis Use Study was
proposed to investigate the therapeutic bepnefits and adverse effects of
prolonged use of “medical marijuana” in a cohort of seriously ill patients.
Use of cannabis was approved through the Compassionate Investigational
New Drug (IND) program of the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA). Cannabis is obtained from the National Institute on Drug
Ethan Russo, Robert Velin, and Paul J. Bach are affiliated with Montana Neurobehavioral
Specialists, 900 North Orange Street, Missoula, MT 59802 USA (E-mail:
Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne are affiliated with Patients Out of Time, 1472 Fish
Pond Road, Howardsville, VA 24562 USA (E-mail:
Juan Sanchez-Ramos is affiliated with the Department of Neurology, University of
South Florida, Tampa, USA.
Kristin A. Kirlin is affiliated with the Department of Psychology, University of
Montana, Missoula, MT 59812.
Address correspondence to: Ethan Russo at the above address.
Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, Vol. 2(1) 2002
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