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Thread: Purple Bubba Kush

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    Purple Bubba Kush

    Strain Name: Purple Bubba Kush

    From: Caregiver

    When: Jan. 2010

    Grade: A-

    Type: Indica

    Price: $20 for 1/8 oz.

    Looks: Medium green frost covered bud with pale orange hairs. Untrimmed leaves show a slight purple-blue hue (might be the frost).

    Smell: Fresh flowers with a hint of pine/spice.

    Taste: A smooth smoking bud with a floral/fruity flavor.

    Buzz Type: A 2 stage indica high - starting with a mild head buzz and developing into a nice body high.

    Buzz Length: Medium/Long – the buzz lasted for about 2 hours - with little to no crash.

    Best Medicinal Use: Body relaxation, insomnia and appetite enhancement

    Overall: While I have never heard of a “Purple” variety of Bubba Kush, the grower is fairly reputable, has done his own hybrids in the past, and assured me he blended in “something purple” to justify the name. Definitely tastes different than the regular Bubba Kush I’ve smoked. The 2 stage buzz was also enjoyable, as I got lulled into thinking the head buzz was all I was going to get, until the body stone crept in about 15-20 minutes later. Smoking a bit more, and the body high turned into a deep couch-lock.