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Thread: Medicinal Organic Nursery • Grand Tahoe OG

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    Medicinal Organic Nursery • Grand Tahoe OG

    Medicinal Organic Nursery • Grand Tahoe OG

    Granddaddy Blueberryx Tahoe OG Strain: Indica Dominant Plant Height: Tall Flowering Time: Indoors: 8-9 weeks Outdoors: Early October Yield: Great

    This review is based on a single M.O.N. Grand Tahoe OG clone that I grew during my 2012 season. The plant was raised from start to finish in a 1.5 gallon Air Pot.

    This strain has a very smooth personality with a pleasing slightly sweet taste and a well balanced buzz. I suspect a reasonably high CBD level based on my experience with the CBD rich strain known as Harlequin. The buds are dense with a concentrated trichome coverage as demonstrated below in the following photos:

    You can review this plant's harvest HERE!

    Hope you have found my brief strain review useful!

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    Re: Medicinal Organic Nursery • Grand Tahoe OG

    Beautiful nugs GG7! great picture too buddy.

    I grew a buddha Tahoe OG which is supposed to be a pure IBL Tahoe ( which is just a version of OG Kush).. Wow, it was beautiful, the nugs looked like yours here... Just super dense, I love the smell, it's unique as an OG... Loved it.

    Man.. Sometimes I think your taunting me! It's like you only grow that which is nearly impossible for me to get I the islands!!
    Lol.. I'll just have to do a Kauai Electric grow to get back. At ya

    GDP from Ken Estes is now available in seeds though... Now I just gotta wait for this Grand Tahoe, and Harlequinn stuff! Lol... Anyway, great review! Keep em coming!

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