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    i have a couple thoughts, it prolly is a cal mag thing, ro water has none, nutes are made with the idea that ppl will use tap ,tap has a lot of ca,mg, so yeah, now another possibility is light/heat stress, how are temps, do you have a them that will record max/min readings, sometimes when its all closed up it gets hotter than when you have it open, i had this problem, i thought it was cal/mag i added and made it worse, then i figured out it was spiking the temps up to 100 f when i was not around during the time of day i was not checking on them,, and i had a light burn there was a metal button thing focusing light and burning any plant in its aim, might want to check for anything like that. looks like you got a sativa type pheno with the WR most hybrids can do that, maybe construct a scrog for it, or get medieval with your lst! good luck with your stuff i know you will figure it out:thumb:
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purple trichomes

by high 420kwats on 12-24-2014 at 03:54 PM
Purple trichome heads are a rare sight, which I've seen in maybe 1-2% of plants that I photograph. It is so rare because even when I have seen that strain produce them in the past, often certain individual plants will be the only ones actually displaying it -- it depends largely upon the plant's maturity, as the purple heads generally seem to fade with time. The purple pigment in the heads (and the rest of the plant for that matter) is anthocyanin; what is less clear is why exactly the pigment seeps
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Doc Bud: High Brix Q&A With Pictures

by high 420kwats on 06-29-2014 at 10:20 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Doc Bud View Post
Quote Originally Posted by duggan View Post
Hey Doc,good to have you back...safe and sound! It musta been nice ,being able to get away like that.Looking forward to some "tales" of your travels in S.A. Anyhow , I need supplies, where do i get in line? My MK Ultras are approaching week 4 of pistels and looking great! Going to time the first C.D. a little later this round,mid way thru week 4 instead of week 3. That stuff scares me. I have come to respect it,even with my limited experience.Thanks to Grey and the lads on here ,alot
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In the Lab With Doc Bud

by high 420kwats on 06-29-2014 at 10:18 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Curso View Post
I posted this in my thread as well... I'll stop the thread hijack after this.

Quote Originally Posted by Curso View Post
I was asked the other day how I use the drenches and such. I wrote this down for my nephew in case he has to take care of my grow. I have these instructions hanging for him.

Recipes~ (are for six (6) plants)
Transplant~ 1oz + 1ml tea + 1gl of water- Divided between all plants
Energy~ 1oz +1ml tea +1gl water- Divided between all plants
Cat Drench~ 1oz
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Cannabis Temps

by high 420kwats on 03-07-2014 at 07:40 PM
THC has a boiling point of 200C (392F). However before the THC boils, other parts of the oil evaporate and boil.

Here are some important temperatures: At 21C (70F) the most volatile terpenoids start to evaporate, lending a pungent odor to the air.

At 31C (87F) the less volatile terpenoids start to evaporate, lending the air even more pungent odors.

At 39C (102F ) virtually all of the terpenoids undergo evaporation fairly rapidly.

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by high 420kwats on 03-06-2014 at 09:53 PM
Upcanning of larger plants:

Vertically score the roots, dust all roots with ROOTS!, place some in the bottom of the hole, gently position rootball and soak the medium with Transplant Water.

Water All seeds, all newly transplanted clones and newly tranplanted vegging plants with Transplant Water. Recipe for Transplant Water

1 oz of Transplant per 1 gallon water. Use in the following manner:

1. Seeds and freshly potted cuttings/clones: water
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