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    08-17-2012, 07:20 AM
    Hosebomber replied to a thread LED lumens, again in Grow Lighting
    I'm gonna be very nice about this and then we can just delete this thread. YOUR comment about 30 lumens per watt is over the whole of a 90 watt panel. LEDs below 475nm are not measured in lumens the same goes for any LED over 630nm. They are measured in mW. As most users of LEDs know, the majority of commercial panels are made up of 455 and 660nm red and blue LEDs. Lumens are a bad measurement for LEDs because it does not record these wavelengths as it pertains to the growing of plants and photo receptors. Yes, when speaking with an engineer and in the designing of LED light panels we use the luminous flux numbers to decide what to use where and in what ratio. The end users' are not engineers and not designing the product so they do not need this information. It doesn't help them in any way. PAR is the only measurement value that matters. How much of the light produced can their plant use. Your attempts at saying random things and quoting them as something I have said is a poor attempt at best as they can simple scroll up and read that I never said "we don't need no measurability" or that I am in any way unscientific. We recommend using LEDs ABOVE 1 watt because the .025mA 1/4" LEDs simply do not put out enough power (luminous flux). 1 watt leds may be strong enough for your grow. It depends on how you grow and how much intensity you need. MOST grow panels now are 3 watt leds for penetration reasons. (do a search of the forums, there are studies and grow journals on it) Yes 3 watt chips are less efficient than 1 watt LEDs (in most cases) but they do also produce a higher luminous flux and give deeper penetration due to the inverse square law. You're an engineer tho so I'm sure you knew that. You comment that "(and lumens is fine for red though it'd be truly meaningless for infra-red)" is simply false. Only a narrow band at the top of blue and bottom of red wavelengths can be measured in lumens. 660nm red is measured only in mW and is the largest portion (rightly so) of the red LEDs in most panels. It is also a requirement of the Emerson Effect. If you want to see exact yield numbers in a grow, look at SteveHman's grows 2-4. He has some very nice pictures, took detailed notes and gave a nice spreadsheet at the end. Fact is, while you have post in 2 topics, I've been on these forums for over a year as a poster. I have called out nearly every manufacture to change parts or all of their marketing when it is a outright lie or misleading. I have also given a huge number of peer reviewed articles on LEDs, photo-receptors, plant growth, lighting effects, and plant chemical reactions and inter-actions. Anyone can say they are an engineer and there are many forms of engineers (I played on for a while and it's part of my resume). A structural, civil, mechanical, aeronautical and most electrical engineers will have no working knowledge of LEDs and grow lights. I'm not sure if you are confused about LED grow lighting, or you are attempting to make a sub-par 1 watt led grow light and sell it here, or you just simply took 2-3 hours to look over some very basic information and thought you knew it all instantly, but please take a little more time and do some more research. Hosebomber (aka Skater)... I never sold a LED light panel or worked for a company that has in my life and I approve this message.
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