Purpose of the Kalamazoo Coalition for Pragmatic Cannabis Laws

Lets advocate and submit an charter amendment to establish a pragmatic* marijuana enforcement policy here in Kalamazoo. We can accomplish this here with our demographics. astonishingly (If you have ever lived here I'm sure that your not too surprised) 3 out of 4 city residents supported the medical marijuana act.

A Lowest Law Enforcement Priority measure will direct the Kalamazoo Police and Safety Department & the City Attorney to make adult arrest & prosecution for small amounts of marijuana with no other aggravating circumstances their lowest possible priority. So this will free up police and prosecutors time as well as allow taxes to a better place places that need it most.

Kalamazoo and other Michigan taxpayers are burdened by the substantial costs of investigating, arresting, prosecuting and jailing people for charges involving marijuana. With an estimated 80 percent of American drug users being white it is disgusting that 80 percent of our prisoners in as a result of the "war on drugs" are black.

With the enactment of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, November 2008, many patients may legally be possessing and using medical marijuana. The patients' caregivers may need to obtain this medication for the patient, and deliver it to the patient. This Kalamazoo ordinance would protect both patients and caregivers.

As I have said the failures and harms of the Drug War have fallen most shamefully on racial minorities and the lower income population, no racial or economic group from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu has escaped this WAR unharmed. Congressional amendments to the Higher Education Act where applicant students have been convicted of charges involving marijuana are denied financial aid. I hate to see some of our brightest losing their federal education loans for college. We live in a school system that advocates K-16 education lets advocate the end of convicting and raping our young adults of their dreams and educations because of this ludicrous stand for prohibition. I have faith in my city and know we will come together and achieve this goal.

A change is gonna' come, like Sam Cooke sang is '63 -David Byrne (2008)

*pragmatic: Relating to or being the study of cause and effect in historical or political events with an emphasis on the practical lessons we should learn from them.

-Louis Stocking
KzooCPCL Contact/Director

Kalamazoo Coalition for Pragmatic Cannabis Laws