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Thread: Should I chill air or water?

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    Question Should I chill air or water?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a 4m2 DWC setup. I have a problem with the heat inside my greenhouse. Air temperature rises up to 37C and water rises up to 24C in the afternoon. I know this is too high temperature. Do you think I can solve my problem with just chilling water, say 19-20C? Or should I also decrease air temperature inside the greenhouse?

    For comparison, here is my lettuces in the morning:

    and in the afternoon:


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    Re: Should I chill air or water?

    If you use a product like Hydroguard - a bacterial inoculant that will keep your roots healthy - you totally don't have to worry about rez temps whatsoever.

    I just finished a 4 week test of Hydroguard vs. UC Roots (chlorine) in 8, 5 gallon DWC buckets. I did nothing to chill them and my rez temps were consistently in the 80's F and air temps in the 90's - a couple of days over 100. They ALL grew like gangbusters. The Hydoguard only needs to be added once - since it's bacteria, they self replicate. UC Roots needs to be re-added every 2 days or root rot sets in quick.
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