Hey, I need some help with growing Canibus. This is my frist time growing and I am going to start with growing outside. (Inside is a bit costly and if I am not sure what I am doing I could waste a lot of money). I bought a book on how to grow indoors (which is no help now) but I need some help with growing out doors. I have only one seed germanating right now. I want to start with one plant, so I can get to know my plant more. So in the future I have more of an understanding of the plant.

Here are my questions.
1. After my seed is done germanating, what should my next move be?
I already have a spot in my backyard where I can grow the plant. (My backyard is coverd on plants and trees)

2. How should I care for my plant once it is in the ground?
Like how often should I check on it, and what should I look for in my plant.

3. Is there anyway that the cops can somehow detect my one plant growing in my back yard?

Those are my questions, if you want to throw in some helpful tips for a frist time grower just post them up.