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Thread: Germinating My Seed

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    Germinating My Seed

    Hello Everyone! I am new tho the forum! It is great to be part of it. I just decided to grow as of a few days ago. I have always wanted to grow my own plant for fun. I was just curiouse I got a seed from a friend of myn and i am doing the paper towel germination. I put it in my fernice room and went to bed cause i was sick right? Well the paper towl dryed up but not totaly thow... I was just curiouse could have i killed my seed? Will it still germinate? It has been in the moist paper towel fer almost 2 days now
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    Lightbulb Re: Germinating My Seed

    Welcome 420KID

    Plants are resilient, they'll over-come a lot of problems. But when the plants get shocked early-on their growth stage, it affects the remainder of it. Like humans, if my mom dropped me as a baby, I wouldn't be as functional today; right?

    Tips :

    If you have a sponge-like material that could hold water but not soak your seeds, this would work very well.

    Wait until your seeds have a nice root sticking out of them before planting them, this will ensure that the roots can properly and efficiently feed your plant early-on.

    Keep the seeds covered, to decrease the amount of humidity lost.

    If you have a camera, post as many pictures as you can (This is like pornography for me, more the better) it will give me a good idea of exactly what could be the problem and solution.

    I'm new to 420 Magazine as of yesterday but have grown for years; feel free to add me as a friend and I will keep track of your progress

    Check out my photos for Plant of The Month by clicking the link down below

    Best of luck!
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    Re: Germinating My Seed

    I put mine in a bathroom drawer. It doesn't dry as fast.

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    Re: Germinating My Seed

    Hope that seed popped by now, it's only been 11 years. Lol