I no real expert at grow but reading the forum a lot of people are very worried about leaf colour. Well ive been doing hydro growing for over two years with a Vega room and a flower room so had a few crops now. In every crop I have had there has been a leaf colouring problem but I don’t worry to much as the still grow and produce a crop. I cant comment much on soil grow as ive nether done it but hydro users please use canna nutrients and change the water every week as the plants just love it. When using canna don’t worry about Ph the water as canna will set the Ph level for you but if you want then you can check it but I can tell you the level will be ok. The new Aqua Vega of the canna range is the dogs bollocks I think as it contains silicon as well.

The bigest problem you have growing is cutting it up now that one boring shit job

Well think that’s it happy growing