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Thread: Help Me Quick!

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    Help Me Quick!


    I'm new to growing and I read somewhere that I should keep the light 2 inches away from the plants but didn't bother to read the rest.


    I put my babies (Just seedlings with about 4 leaves) under a 400 watt HPS light 2 Inches away! I checked on them in about an hour and a half after transfer and they were all scorched! Some of the cups they were in even melted!

    Now I need to know if there is anyway that I can nurse them back to health! They're withered pretty bad but they still have some green in them. They're stems are kinda purple and very thin...

    I already watered them and moved them from the offending environment. I just wanna know if they are savable and if so, is there anything else I can do to help them?

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    I'm not sure where you read that info but I keep my lights around two feet above growing plants, I hope this helps. How are they now?