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Thread: Leaves curling up - Is it Mg defeciency? Input needed

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    Re: Leaves curling up - Is it Mg defeciency? Input needed

    When researching soil the pros recommend staying away from these household soils, even with the correct ratios they tend to cause problems, but this is just what they say though, but weed is caused weed for a reason "should" grow anywhere
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    Re: Leaves curling up - Is it Mg defeciency? Input needed

    Based on what I see, I think you might potentially be dealing with a "hemp russet mite" infestation. They are especially problematic because 99% of the time they are truly invisible (because they're so small), and curling of the leaves like that (and sometimes parts of the plant just disappearing) are the only symptoms they exhibit.

    How to deal with them was a trade secret for entirely too long - growers caring only about money and ignoring the medical needs of patients - and its actually not that hard to get rid of them; one of the keys is using something with sulfur. Personally, I always opt for "Safer 3-in-1" organic pesticide because it's a) safe and non-toxic, b) organic, and c) very effective. Often you'll need to spray the plants with the "Safer" (which is the brand name of the insecticide) solution every 3 days for about 9-15 days - i.e., if you spray 3 times, waiting 3 days between sprays, its often resolved. However, to be safe, I'd then wait a week, and then spray again because they have a habit of being elsewhere (and since they're invisible its virtually impossible to see where they are), so don't assume they're gone too soon! They can truly be fatal (if that is indeed what you're dealing with).

    I suggest investing in a very high quality 1 gallon (or 2 gallon) fine mister to spray them with - they have a manual air pump so you can create a very fine mist, which is key for having it give full coverage to the plant. What you do is: -******** Mix 8oz Safer 3-in-1 concentrate in 1 gallon of purified water (distilled works great), then mix in 2 tablespoons of SNS 209 in the same 1 gallon sprayer. SHAKE VIGOROUSLY FOR 1-5 MINUTES! Then pump up the sprayer/mister with air pressure using the handle/pump, and then MIST the TOPS *AND* BOTTOMS of the leaves, and even mist the entire stalk of the plant. You can additionally spray some on the soil/grow medium because its safe, and sometimes even used for root feeding (I don't root feed the liquid, just a quick mist over the entire plant (tops and bottoms), all of the stems, and a quick mist of the soil/inside of the container the roots are in.

    I have a good feeling you'll resolve your curling issues with this.

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    DJ Delphi

    In fact, what I especially recommend is a dual application of Safer 3-in-1 along with SNS 209 (Sierra Natural Science 209 - which is also safe, organic, and effective); the combination is very safe and very effective. I'd even suggest continuing to spray with the SNS 209 alone for another week because its especially safe and often the plants love it. Use 8oz (1 cup) per gallon of Safer 3-in-1, and 2 tablespoons per gallon of SNS 209 (1 gallon = 3.78L).

    ALSO(***) - DON'T FORGET TO TEST JUST A SMALL AMOUNT - a few leaves on one or two plants - to ensure that your plants will tolerate it well! Sometimes people misread measurements and its way too potent and kills everything, sometimes its way too dilute, other times perhaps it goes bad in a warehouse sitting in the sun and becomes chemically different... in general, Safer and SNS are very trustworthy and consistent though, I just highly suggest trying a small sample to ensure that this advice doesn't lead to harm.

    Even if its not the spider mites (which it truly looks like it is), this - when followed properly - won't lead to any detriment and can even perk the plants up because they sometimes love foliar sprays like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by M00gle View Post
    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this problem my friend is having. I believe it's a magnesium defeciency so i told him to correct with a 1/4 tsp epson salt/gal. but the plants leaves are still curling upward like they are praying. Plant growth looks good but I'm worried the problem will get worse if he doesn't act quickly. Only 1 of the 4 plants has this problem which is weird because they are all growing in Fox Farm Ocean forest and have been getting the same nutes. Any help is appreciated.

    -plant with problem is a sativa strain
    -I normally feed with RO 6.0 ph water but moved up to 6.5 for last feeding
    -plants are in FF ocean forest
    -plants are 4 weeks old and in 1 gal pots. (will repot soon)
    -Temps = 68-78
    -RH= 44-50%
    -Light= 400watt digital MH (1.5ft away)

    Also one plant (AK-48) has a orange spot on it. I don't think it is a big problem but hope it doesn't spread. Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks

    Leaf curling but no discoloration

    Same plant but bigger view

    Some weird orange spot

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