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Thread: Jack Herer x Super Skunk (Jack Flash)

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    Jack Herer x Super Skunk (Jack Flash)

    Hello guys,

    Newbie on the forums here, preparing for my first setup ever. I had the opportunity to get my hands on some pedigreed seeds from Sensi, so that's kind of what prompted me to give this a go in the first place. The strain is called Jack Flash, and is a feminized version of a cross between Jack Herer and Super Skunk, as referenced in the title.

    Does anyone have any experience with this strain? I'm thinking of getting a prefab BCNL tent style setup to do the grow in, and had a few basic questions.

    1) Genetics. According to Sensi, Jack Herer can exhibit 4 phenotypes; 3 sativa dominant versions, and an indica dominant. This indicated the classic SS/ss punnett square relationship to me.

    However, in Jack Flash, they've reduced it to only 2 phenotypes. I'm guessing this means its a S-/ss relationship now? Am I correct in guessing that, and does that mean I need to beware of hermaphroditism and other things that can happen to plants with less than the full complement of genes?

    2) Height. I'm going to be focusing on the sativa dominant plants if I can, since the SoG and yield appeal of the indica phenotype doesn't matter to me, I'm aiming for the highest quality personal medicine rather than commercial concerns. I've also read that some Herer plants can double in height DURING flowering. Again, basically looking for reassurance or information that these plants will flourish in a tent system (approximately 7' of height to work with, and I'm also using hydro systems that have plenty of space in between plants).

    Any tips or comments would be appreciated. Once I actually start assembly I'll convert this and my other thread in the grow room setup subforum into a grow journal.

    Thanks in advance folks!

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    Re: Jack Herer x Super Skunk (Jack Flash)

    This looks like a great strain to try. Of course, every plant and grow room/system is different so be sure to try a couple strains and find a good momma- if you can keep the momma alive then clones will get you exactly what you know and presumably like already.

    just my $0.02 (but only redeemable for 0.0000002 in cash, like most coupons)