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Thread: Scarification Cloning Technique

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    Scarification Cloning Technique

    Scarification Cloning Technique


    This method was developed to aid the cutting to root faster, have more roots and increase chances of
    success. This technique is especially good with hard-to-clone strains and cuttings with woody stems.
    With most cuttings, roots will develop in 5-10 days.


    1 Cutting: Preferably 5-7cm & one taken from the mid level area of the mother plant.
    1 small pot: Filled with any decent water retentive medium, i.e; soil, rockwool.
    Rooting powder: In this tutorial I am using Yates hormone powder.
    Razor blade: Must be sterilized and very sharp.
    1 Pen: Used for making a hole in the growing medium.


    (1) Take a fresh healthy cutting from your plant that you wish to make a clone of.
    The cutting should be approximately 10cm in length and cut off at a 45-degree angle.

    (2) Remove any excess leaves on the cutting, usually only leaving the top canopy,
    however this is optional, the cutting can work with more than 4 or more leaves still attached.

    (3) Using the razor blade, very gently make a slit into the stem 3cm above the bottom.
    You only need to slice deep enough to get past the fine outer green tissue, once you have reached
    the desired depth, slowly move the razor towards the end of the stem, scraping off a fine layer of tissue.

    (4) Now dip the stem into fresh water and than the rooting powder, but only to the depth where we
    removed the layer of tissue. Gently shake off any excess powder.

    (5) Soak you growing medium until it's moist to the touch, now grab a pen and make a small hole
    roughly 4cm deep in the medium have chosen to use and place your cutting into the
    medium and gently pack the medium around the base of the cutting.

    Tips & Info:

    Check the moisture of the growing medium every 2-3 days, apply a light mist if the medium starts to dry out.

    Never give clones full strength lighting, they are not strong enough at this stage, use low level lighting such as
    a florescent or place in the shade near a window.

    Use a humidity dome if your medium is drying out quickly, or you can place a clear soft drink bottle with the
    bottom cut off over the top of it. The moisture created will also keep the leaves from drying.

    When the cutting is in the early stages of developing roots, it's not un-common for the leaves to droop.
    You may also see the lower leaves of the cutting to turn pale green.

    Happy cloning...

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    Re: Scarification Cloning Technique

    very insightfull

    i think im going to try this method next time