I actually started to chronicle my experience with this product in the Smart Pot thread. I feel that since it's a competitor of the smart pot that it deserves it's own thread.

Several months back I began searching for the perfect growing container. My local supply shop offered a free 3 and 5 gallon CAP Gro Pot to try out. I had a couple late rooting clones with no containers at the time so I figured why not.

I dont really like grow bags at all but I must say I'm impressed by these fabric pots.
Like the Air Pots and Smart Pots they promote a healthy root zone by air pruning the roots and eliminating coiling or any other type of root binding issues.

They do dry out much faster than plastic pots and containers so that is something to watch out for.

They are made from a very durable material that will last for many grow seasons. They have double stitching on the seams as well as thick sturdy handles sewn into the bag. Like mostly everything CAP makes, the Gro Pot is high quality.

The test plant for this grow is a late rooting White Widow runt clone. The 3 gallon Gro Pot was used for this grow. She was grown indoors under a 430 hps and 155 watts of LED. She was fed the General Organics Bio Thrive nute line as well as Earth Juice Humic Acid, Medina's Horticulture Molasses, and Liquid Light+Penetrator. The soil is undilluted Ocean Forest and I used tap water.

The test plant was chopped at the peak of ripeness and has produced just over an ounce of very dense and resinous buds.

IMO I would give this gro bag a 9 out of 10 and is a better option than most containers available. The used bag is heavily stained but a good rinsing should have it ready to use again. I plan to keep on using the bag for runts until it wears out.