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Thread: Humboldt Nutrients? How Are They

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    Humboldt Nutrients? How Are They

    So i was thinking abou tgoing back to hydro and wanted to start with buy ing some befor eI bought AN I am really familure with them but They right now are out of my price range. so I wasn thinking Humboldt Nutrients micro grow and bloom are a descent price here is what the claim....

    Humboldt Nutrients

    Grow contains proprietary chelating agents that promote the availability and uptake of nutrients more efficiently than any competing three-part fertilizers. The diverse amount of chelating agents helps assure that none of the elements necessary for plant growth will fall out of solution and lock out.

    Bloom contains a proprietary, trademarked, Phosphorus booster which improves plant photosynthesis, metabolism, genetics, and eventually crop quality and yield. Plant Growth, flowering, and fruiting depend on the correct balance of Phosphorus and Potassium.

    Micro contains three separate chelating agents, triple insurance against nutrients falling out of solution or nutrient lock-out. Humboldt Nutrients Micro has all the micronutrients necessary to create healthy plants, strong aromas, & large yields

    has anyone used them and how was it and how was the turnout, kinda hard to belive you cant nute lock your plants with it unless they are selling water
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    Re: Humboldt Nutrients? How are they.

    AFAIK, AN does the same thing to reduce possible lockout. All the cool hydro companies are now a days...
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    Re: Humboldt Nutrients? How are they.

    There is a line repeated in their product catalog that reads: "Research and Development conducted using water obtained by reverse osmosis containing near 0 ppm."

    Gotta remember the facts from which all companies stretch the truth in their marketing. If you used RO water then I have no doubt lockout will never be an issue.

    I will say that I've been using HN's Organic line in soil and I will never use anything else. Yields outperform Fox Farm trio especially with higher brix levels from Honey ES. The Master and 3-part lines are popular among LA and San Diego's major growers. I even had the chance to meet Roy Gomez from HN recently and I must say I've never met anyone that cares about making the best product more than him.

    Don't worry about the other stuff in their line though. Roots and Honey are the only other staple products. Big Up Powder and Ginormous sound nice on paper but they'll likely throw your ppm off the charts.