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    I am here to write a review on SMOKEWIRE.COM

    I recently had the chance to use one of there 10.6" water pipes. I have used some of the most "expensive" water pipes out there. With that being said I offer up my opinion on these.

    This piece stood out from my buddy's collection of over 50+ water pipes. Initial impressions on this piece are that it is a work of art. While there are others out there that might look the same, they are not. There is something special about this one. The glass is thick, and well constructed. I have a feeling that this piece could be dropped numerous times with little consequence. The silver fluming was flawless and the borosil glass is one of the best.

    Here is where it counts though. This thing hits so smooth. Beat out my buddy's triple percolator hands down in a straight up head to head competition. This thing just fits in your hand like a glove, not like some over sized others. The mouth piece or opening as some like to refer to it as it spot on. Not to big, or to small. The size is perfect. Unlike some of the longer water pipes that will induce a coma if cleared, this seems to deliver just the right amount. Of course this is subjective, lung capacity differs greatly amongst different smokers. I am sure they can fulfill those needs as well.

    The slide is a slide. The one thing that I did notice is that the bowl burned very even and consistent, with little to no waste. Size is more than adequate for even a seasoned user of water pipes. Also, there are some manufactures that make them so damn tight. Not these guys/gals(unsure). Effortless, is a word that comes to mind. A very nice touch. Shows that they are made for looks as well as PRACTICAL use.

    All in all they got it spot on. After leaving my buddy's house I checked them out. My jaw hit the floor when I saw what it costs for one of these. I was shocked at how cheap they were. I really thought to myself that I might have the wrong site or something. There is no way that the piece I just had in my hand was this $50.00 bong that beats the dog snot out of those 200-300 dollar ones. Called my buddy asked him if the one on the was the same one. Sure was. I was speechless.

    In closing, get one of these if you enjoy water pipes. These are better, cheaper and STRONGER. If only I had an extra little bit of cash I would be buying one versus daydreaming about one while I write this review!
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    Thanks. I checked their site for the first time yesterday, and was really impressed with how their pieces looked. I will definitely remember them the next time I'm shopping for some glass.

    Great review!
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