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Thread: DBV - Broken - Please Help

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    DBV - Broken - Please Help

    Hi, i recently bought a Da Buddha Vaporizer and i love it. One of my friends knocked it on the ground and broke it. The only thing that broke was the heater cover. So i ordered a new one no problem and i got a piece that was identical to the original. But when i put it on i guess maybe it was a little too tight , or i pushed a little to hard ( i was trying to be gentle). anyway the piece broke again as i was putting it on and im wondering if there is any special way or technique to putting it on.

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    Re: DBV - broken please HELP

    You just push it down to where it's snug and leave it at that. The top of the ceramic heater should be showing in the horizontal (bend) part of the cover. Looks like you should have ordered a spare.