A few days ago I sent a nice little doosy of an email to some Big cats out here in VT... here's what I said (some interesting facts) and here's what one had to say!

Dear Senator Baruth,

Have you seen the recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling in
Vermont? It shows that supporters of decriminalization in our state
outnumber opponents by a more than two to one margin.

The poll also showed that a whopping 74% of Vermonters believe
marijuana is as safe or safer than alcohol. Only 15% said they believe
alcohol is safer than marijuana!

Of course, none of us wish to see marijuana use by teens increase.
Fortunately, H. 427 contains sensible provisions that are designed to
deter teen use. Under the proposal, teens caught with marijuana must
complete a drug awareness program -- this send teens a clear message
that it is not acceptable for them to use marijuana.

Please stand on the side of public opinion and support H. 427, or its
companion bill in the Senate, S. 134. Thank you for your time and


Mr. Gaynon
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and he replied with this!


I'll be resubmitting the bill Joe Benning and I put forward last session, decriminalizing amounts under one ounce . . . the Governor said at a press conference a week or two ago that he expects to sign it, so we've got that going for us . . .


Phil Baruth"
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