420 Grow FAQS: How Do They Get Strains to Taste Different?


The different tastes of certain strains of cannabis are a product of controlled-breeding programs.
The flavour and smell of Cannabis comes from five substances: mono- and sesqui-terpenes, alpha- and beta-pinene, limonene, myrcene, and beta-phalandrene. The amount of each substance present in a given strain will determine the flavor and smell.

Author: MedMan


  1. well i would love to continue to learn all that i can about this beautiful plant we all love so much. Education is key in all ares of life, especially cannabis. Thank for all that you do. Let me know how i cam help.

    Peace, Dank man Dan

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  3. It seems that pot breeding has leaned toward a pot with low smell, low resin, and resulting in low taste. Yes high THC.. no taste.. fast burn also of these un-cured immature flower arrangements loaded with THC %’s . And NO, I do not mean all growers. I miss the days of a joint burned a ways down got practically clear soaked in resin, stinking up the whole house, and smelling on yourself, lol, burned slow, was grown to maturity, and naturally, tasted great, smelled great, it was cured, lack of chlorophyll, turning it golden yellow with browns & reds, fantastic lasting buz. Ahhhh, the days :)

  4. I hate the stinky, pungent smell of hybrids containing Afghan genes!

    Sativa hybrids and landraces are more subtle and more pleasant, generally and the cerebral high (as opposed to couchlock) is just what I want…

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