IN: New CBD Oil Store To Open In Kendallville

Photo Credit: Getty

A pair of entrepreneurs are opening a store in Kendallville that will sell hemp CBD products.

The Pure Dream at 121 South Main Street will be a holistic health shop that also sells hemp clothing and accessories. This includes vaporizers, creams, oils, food, and t-shirts.

Owners Tina Aumsbaugh and Stevie Christian have announced the store’s grand opening for March 22 at 9 a.m.

“We’re closing in on our opening date with only 5 sleeps left!” said Aumsbaugh excitedly. “We can’t wait to bring legal CBDs and hemp products to Kendallville! Wish us luck and send your positive energy our way!”

Their first lesson for the public is that there are two types of cannibis: marijuana and hemp. Marijuana has large amounts THC, the chemical which gets you high. The Pure Dream specializes in hemp which is low in THC.

“So Hemp you could smoke acres and acres of hemp and not get high,” Christian explained.

Next lesson: The relaxing benefits of hemp and the CBD oil in it are beneficial for everyone.

“People don’t know what it can do for their bodies,” Aumsbaugh said. “It can help anything from Alzheimer’s to anxiety to ADHD to cancer patients. It can help them with their appetites and different things like that such as memory. It just basically brings your body into homeostasis. It balances your body.”

The bill that would allow for the sale and use of low-THC CBD oil across Indiana is now on Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk. The measure was approved by the Indiana House and Senate last week.

If the governor signs the law, retailers like The Pure Dream have until July 1 to make sure all their CBD products meet the measure’s new labeling requirements. The products are required to have a QR code on the label linking to information on the batch the CBD came from. The limit of THC in any product is 0.3 percent.

For the time being, the The Pure Dream is only selling hemp products with no THC in it. If the governor signs the new bill, they’ll sell low-THC products as well.