Prenatal Marijuana Use And Neonatal Outcome


Day N, Sambamoorthi U, Taylor P, Richardson G, Robles N, Jhon Y, Scher M, Stoffer D, Cornelius M, Jasperse D.

Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, PA.

In a longitudinal study of marijuana and other substance use during pregnancy, women were interviewed at each trimester of pregnancy. Growth parameters, morphological abnormalities and gestational age were assessed for the 519 liveborn singletons. There were few significant effects of marijuana use during pregnancy on birth weight, head or chest circumference, gestational age, or growth retardation after adjustment for covariates using a regression model for analysis. There was a small but significant negative effect of marijuana use during the first two months of pregnancy on birth length and a positive effect of marijuana use during the third trimester on birth weight.