420 Magazine Website News: April 2018

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It’s April already. Spring is here and outdoor growers in the Northern hemisphere can start thinking about germinating seeds. Meanwhile, indoors, your 420 Magazine staff have been hectically busy working through all the questions, settings and occasional glitches in our new software.

It’s actually been a quite remarkably trouble-free migration for a website with over 250,000 threads, almost 3 and a half million messages and 1 and a half million photos. Most of the gallery problems have been ironed out and the site now loads quickly and seamlessly, working well on PC, Mac and, most importantly, mobile devices from any browser. The staff, as well as members, don’t forget, have also been learning the new system. It’s incredibly powerful and we are still discovering new features ourselves. We have to thank the tech team in the back of the back room for their support and tireless work. There’s still more to do of course, and there are certainly new areas which we’ll be launching once all the current little bugs are sorted out.

There is a plethora of new tutorials for the new software that we have written and posted for members. They include how to post, how to upload photos and videos, how to follow threads, how to add links to your signature and all the basics. You will find these, and ones still to come, in our Member Resources.

In addition, if you have any questions or problems you will find our most recent support threads here:

Brand New Forums & Gallery

Gallery Upload Issues

Subscription & Email Notification Issues

If you are a fresh face here, please do take a moment and read our Posting Guidelines. They are there to help and protect you and to keep 420 Magazine full of the spirit of knowledge-sharing, friendship and good vibes that we all work so hard to preserve.

If you are a more established member, we’d remind you to check our daily updated Home Page regularly. Many of us can get into the habit of just sticking to the journals and help forums, however on the home page you’ll find all the most recent news and announcements, reviews and warrior profiles as well as articles celebrating our contest-winning members and generous sponsors.

We always say that we wouldn’t be here without our Sponsors, however it’s equally true that 420 Magazine wouldn’t be such a great mission without you, our members. We are always grateful for your presence, contributions, positive energy and spirit of helping others. :love:

Human Resources: Job Opportunities
If you are interested in helping to support our Mission, please do check out our Human Resources forum.

We are currently looking for a Gallery Moderator to help us keep photos on-topic and on-site. If you are interested in this role, please email support@420magazine.com

We are pleased to announce that April’s Sponsor of the Month is Dope Seeds.

Dope Seeds have been in business as a cannabis seed store and 420 Magazine sponsor since 2002, so you can trust them to deliver the goods. Renowned for their excellent customer service, attention to detail and fast response times to customer inquiries – just read the testimonials – Dope Seeds also offer one of the biggest ranges of cannabis seeds anywhere in the world. They have marijuana seeds from all of the world’s top seeds banks and a particularly extraordinary range of autoflowering cannabis seeds.

We are always grateful to new and renewing sponsors, without whom 420 Magazine could not operate as a free resource. This month we are delighted to welcome and thank the following sponsors:

Welcome To Our New Sponsor Doc Bud’s High Brix Blend

Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Remo Nutrients

Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Magical Butter

Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Weed Seed Shop

Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Sensi Seeds

Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Auto Seeds

420 Magazine runs five contests each month, celebrating our members and their work. If you enjoy photos of sticky buds or extraordinary plants, if you aspire to be the Member of the Month or want to see some of the best grow journals anywhere, then do look at our monthly contests. Congratulations to all our winners, who, thanks to our sponsors, will be receiving some great prize packages.

Ditchweed242 – Grow Journal of the Month

Amy Gardner – Member Of the Month

Cultivator – Nug of the Month

Buckshot317 – Plant of the Month

Cola Monster – Photo of the Month

You don’t have to be an experienced grower to enter the contests – any member with a minimum of 50 posts may enter and vote in those with polls. There are some great prizes to win – exclusive 420 Magazine merchandise such as nug jars, t-shirts, lighters, magnets (which you can’t get hold of any other way), and some quality and high value goods from our sponsors too; lights, nutrients, vaporizers, seeds, gift certificates and much more.

420 Magazine’s Plant of the Month – April 2018

420 Magazine’s Nug of the Month – April 2018

420 Magazine’s Member of the Month – April 2018

So if you fancy picking up a garden-full of great prizes, or just enjoy looking at some of the most beautiful plants and nugs produced on the planet, do check out our contests. They are fun and inspirational.

That’s it for this month. Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful for you.

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy through the universe.

Teddy Edwards
420 Administrator