420 Magazine Website News: February 2017


As usual, it’s been a very busy time around here. In addition to all the routine work, we’ve had both the annual & yearly contests. Special congratulations to our annual winners, Weaselcracker for Nug of the Year 2016, Light Addict for Plant of the Year 2016, SweetSue crowned Member of the Year 2016, Lembatoast for Grow Journal of the Year 2016 and Cola Monster for the Creme De La Creme Photo Contest – Annual Winner 2016. Thanks to many of our lovely Sponsors, they’ve picked up some amazing prize packages. Anyone with 50 posts or more can enter our Monthly Contests, and the winners are automatically entered into the annual competitions.

We always say that we wouldn’t be here without our Sponsors. However it’s equally true that 420 Magazine wouldn’t be such a great mission without you, our members. We are always grateful for your presence, contributions & positive energy. New Staff Member:
We are delighted to welcome Rex Pigeons (formerly known as Pigeons420) to the team. Rex is a master of the video review, which is how we spotted him with his amazing video-based product reviews of our sponsors’ products. We just had to reach out and scoop him him up for our team. He first became a member at the end of 2014 and quickly established himself with highly popular video journals. Now we get to use his talents as one of our team of product reviewers. We look forward to seeing his first review.

Mobile App:
Our mobile App for iOS (version 5.3) is now available in the iTunes App Store!

Mobile App for iOS (version 5.3) Change Log – Jan 24, 2017
•Fixed image upload not working issues – highly requested!
•Performance improvement
•Minor bug and crash issues fixed

Please Note: If you encounter any issues after an update, they can sometimes be resolved by removing the app and installing it again.

Server Upgrades:
Doubled the RAM in our web server to help increase performance and all the back-end server software was updated to the latest stable versions of everything.

Closed a door to some aggressive attacks.

We are now searching for the piece of code delaying page loads on User Control Panel, User Profiles and thanks/likes pages.

Mobile View & Voting Polls:
We have removed the antiquated Mobile View of the website, so when you choose Web View from our mobile app, you will be directed to the full desktop version of the website, where you can see and vote in polls, from your phone.

Spambot Prevention:
In order to slow down and discourage the continuing spammers, (who after further investigation, appear to be human after all), the time limit between posts has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create for any of our faster posting members.

Home Page Updates:
We’ve had some technical problems sourcing the right images for the Home Page. However, we are delighted to say that these are now resolved, so updates for new/renewing sponsor announcements and for product reviews will now be updated regularly, every Monday.

420 HeadQuarters:
In the back room, our Bug Reports area has been revamped to make it 420 times easier for us to stay focused on website problems, until they are resolved.

We’ve also discovered more bugs in the gallery and mobile app and are working around the clock to get everything resolved. It’s an endless job, but if we peddle fast enough we hope you won’t experience too many glitches.

Human Resources: Job Opportunities
If you are interested in helping to support our Mission, please do check out our Human Resources forum. We are currently seeking a social networking guru to manage our Instagram account. The successful candidate will need to post half a dozen images per day from our vast archive of over 2 million photos. Application details are here – 420 Magazine Seeking Social Networking Guru.

New & Renewing Sponsors & Product Reviews
We are truly grateful to our new and renewing sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t be here. Please do check out the posts about them and visit their websites.

Thank You To Gentleman’s Brand Vapes
Welcome To Our New Sponsor Cannapot
Thank You Aqua Lab Technologies

Also there are some new product reviews from our own Doc Bud:

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook – Book Review by Doc Bud
The Kind Pen’s CBDiscreet – Review By Doc Bud

That’s it for this month. Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful for you.

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy through the universe.

Your 420 Magazine Team