6 Major Cannabinoids And Their Surprising Actions


Cannabinoids, the key compounds in cannabis, come in many shapes and purposes. Over 80 unique cannabinoid molecules have been identified to date. With reports of positive results of medical cannabis (“marijuana”) therapy in cases of chronic pain, MS, epilepsy, cancer, and many more illnesses pouring in from all corners of the country, some have wondered if there are any medical properties to cannabis. Here are six of the best-known major cannabinoids found in cooked or smoked cannabis along with their prominent functions (not an exhaustive list).

CBD (cannabidiol):

○ Non-psychoactive
○ Inhibits cancer cell growth
○ Reduces muscle spasms (antispasmodic)
○ Anti-convulsive, anti-seizure
○ Analgesic (pain relieving)
○ Neuroprotective
○ Lowers blood sugar
○ Anti-inflammatory
○ Reduces small intestine contractions
○ Anti-anxiety
○ Anti-bacterial
○ Anti-psoriatic
○ Vasorelaxant (lowers blood pressure)

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol):

○ Kills cancer cells
○ Psychotropic (mood elevating, time distorting, creativity stimulating)
○ Analgesic (pain relieving)
○ Appetite stimulant
○ Dries mucous membranes
○ Bronchodilator
○ Lowers intra-ocular pressure in glaucoma
○ Suppresses muscle spasms
○ Anti-nausea

CBG (cannabigerol):

○ Non-psychoactive
○ Sedative/hypnotic, anti-insomnia
○ Anti-microbial
○ Lowers intra-ocular pressure in glaucoma
○ Promotes bone growth
○ Relieves IBD (irritable bowel disease) symptoms

CBC (cannabichromene):

○ Non-psychoactive
○ Sedative effect
○ Moderates effects of THC
○ Analgesic (pain relieving)
○ Promotes bone growth
○ Inhibits cancer cell growth

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin):

○ Stronger, faster euphoric effect
○ Appetite suppressant
○ Analgesic
○ Anti-convulsive, anti-seizure
○ Promotes bone growth

CBN (Cannabinol):

○ Sedative/hypnotic, anti-insomnia (THC turns into this with time and heat, which can cause couchlock even in a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid; bud care is key!)
○ Analgesic
○ Anti-bacterial
○ Anti-emetic
○ Anticonvulsant
○ Topical treatment for MRSA, burns, psoriasis

Entourage effect

It’s important to note that these compounds work in ensemble fashion, complementing each other to enhance the medical benefit of the therapy. The so-called entourage effect of whole-plant cannabis medicine is well established and accepted as fact in certain medical circles. Elsewhere, the relentless drive to isolate, synthesize into pills, and monetize THC and CBD—and de-legitimize full-spectrum cannabis—is irresistible.

Not surprisingly, the two camps harbor mutual distrust of motives and are at odds over which therapy is better overall for patients. The full-spectrum side points to the intricate balance of cannabinoids and other compounds found in nature and wonders why it should be disrespected and dismantled. The single-molecule side replies “Because we’ve always done it that way, and it’s more precise and scientific.” But isn’t nature science?

A particularly effective means of accessing the complete profile of cannabinoids and vital terpenoids in the diet, in the ratios nature intended, is to extract them from the herb and infuse them into food. This is best done using aBotanical Extractor™. Rather than standing over a stove stirring, it’s easier to toss your ingredients inside a self-contained countertop unit, and push a button.

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Garyn Angel is an inventor, entrepreneur, award-winning financial consultant, and CEO of MagicalButter.com, which manufactures the appliance he invented for converting cannabis to edible form. Angel is committed to cannabis law reform and was named to the CNBC NEXT List of global business leaders for his work on legal marijuana. He is also founder of the Cheers to Goodness Foundation, a charity that helps “medical refugees”—veterans and children who need cannabis therapy when traditional treatment options have failed. Angel’s charity helps families relocate to states where cannabis medicine is legally accessible.

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