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Thread: Looking for MMJ Doctors and/or Clinics in Michigan

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    Question Looking for MMJ Doctors and/or Clinics in Michigan

    I am a chronic pain patient and have been debilitated by the pain. I also get migraines that are severe and sometimes require hospitalization. I live in Wisconsin, next to the state of Michigan. Does anyone know of a Doctor or Clinic in Michigan that prescribes MMJ? I have been using Marinol, but it's losing its effectiveness. It was keeping them down to about 2 a year and now every time the weather changes or I eat or smell the wrong thing (perfumes, exhaust, etc) I get a migraine. Sometimes they last for 4-5 days. I also went through an experimental surgery, unbeknown to me beforehand, and it damaged my 5th cranial nerve and it feels like I either have a searing, white-hot poker shoved through my eye or a bunch of sharp knives are stabbing me. I would appreciate any direction I receive regarding the knowledge of Clinics or Doctors in Michigan that prescribe MMJ. Thanks and keep things rolling,

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    Re: Looking for MMJ Doctors and/or Clinics in Michigan

    Hi barbaraj12, to the 420Magazine forums.
    for joining us.
    Look here:
    Michigan MMJ - 420 Magazine
    I wish you wellness.
    I hope to see you around the forums.

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    Re: Looking for MMJ Doctors and/or Clinics in Michigan

    Hi Barbara12
    to the friendliest place around
    lots of friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful people here, so sit back, relax, enjoy, and ask questions. We are all here to help

    CocoJoe pointed you to the MI MMJ forums,,, if you are growing your own meds,, tehn take a look at these...

    How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

    Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

    and if ya need a hand uploading pics

    Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

    See ya around the forums