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Marijuana Legalization In Florida On Brink Of Victory

Two recent polls indicate that marijuana legalization on the Amendment 3 ballot measure in Florida. Is likely to gain enough votes to pass in...

Happy Fourth Of July From 420 Magazine

Together lets celebrate this Independence Day! Enjoy all of these moments with your friends, family, and neighbors! Sharing your Big Ol' bag of Home...

Delaware Passes Bill Protecting Banks Serving The Cannabis Industry

Delaware is celebrating after passing HB 355, which provides financial institution protections for cannabis-related businesses. As the state prepares for the launch of its...

Cannabis Enhances Women’s Orgasm Frequency And Satisfaction

Research published recently in the journal Sexual Medicine has shed light on the potential positive effects of cannabis. Particularly THC-based derivatives, on women's sexual...

NCAA Changes Ban On Cannabis Use

The NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association made an announcement on Tuesday. Cannabis products will no longer be classified as banned drugs for Division...

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore Pardons 175,000 Cannabis Convictions

Maryland Governor Wes Moore issued an executive order pardoning over 175,000 marijuana convictions. This sweeping action primarily affects misdemeanor charges for individuals convicted of...

DeSantis Vetoes Bill To Restrict Sales Of Hemp Products In Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis has come out swinging against a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational marijuana. On Friday he delivered a victory to...

Florida Sen. Rick Scott Says He’s Voting Against Recreational Pot

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida. Says he'll be voting in November against a ballot amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in his state. A deeply personal...

Ohio Recreational Marijuana Sales

On Friday, Ohio's 132 medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to apply for recreational sales permits. Such sales could begin by the end of June.

Kentucky Deciding Next Steps For Medical Marijuana

Just as everyone here in Kentucky is ready for Medical Marijuana to roll out over the next year. Some counties are exploring the possibility...

Marijuana Reclassification Might Help Bank Services For Businesses

Department of Justice moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug. It began formal proceedings on May 16. But won’t legalize state-level adult use and...

Minnesota Regulators Destroy $278,000 Of Cannabis

Some hemp retailers had been selling illegal marijuana under a gray area in the law. Until the Office of Cannabis Management created a workaround...

Weed Replacing Alcohol A Growing Trend In The US

Cannabis Use Taking Over Alcohol Consumption

Cannabis Generates $19 Million For Missouri Veterans

More Than 19 Million Dollars Going To Help Veterans, and Low Income Families.

Kansas Legalization Advocates Form New Group to Grade Lawmakers

A new effort for legalizing marijuana in Kansas aims to put lawmakers in the crosshairs by forcing a public a yes or no commitment. Past...

Biden’s “Taking Care” Of Federal Cannabis Laws, But Is it Enough?

Biden may have reaffirmed his commitment to federal marijuana policy reform, but simply rescheduling won’t help those who have been most harmed by prohibition, say activists.

420 Magazine’s Plant Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Plant Of The Month Winner @noydb07
Major Props to our member @noydb07 and their amazing Headband X Moneybush plant, earning the distinguished “Plant Of The Month” Title & Badge...

420 Magazine’s Photo Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Photo Of The Month Winner @HappyHazmat88
Congratulations are in order for our member @HappyHazmat88 and their incredible photo of the month titled "Xylem Sap Oozing From Blueberry Cookies...

420 Magazine’s Nug Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Nug Of The Month Winner @Braddah Waiheesohai 
Sensational representation from our member @Braddah Waiheesohai and the beautiful frosty 'Super Boof' Nug, earning the honorable “Nug Of The Month”...

420 Magazine’s Grow Journal Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Grow Journal Of The Month Winner @Ke0ncp
Congratulations to our member @Ke0ncp and their winning Grow Journal of the Month, earning the distinguished “Grow Journal of the...

420 Magazine’s Member Of The Month June 2024

June 2024 Member Of The Month Winner @Carcass
Kudos to @Carcass for this remarkable achievement, our 420 Magazine Member of the Month, earning the distinguished “Member of the...