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Hey Van, dude from RI here on vacation and looking for some direction. I reached out to Renegade as well. Trying to send a message off the forum. If you can hit me up at buildthendrop@gmail.com I'd appreciate it a lot
Hey Renegade. How do I get an email out to you my man? If you want to reach out to me first, mine is buildthendrop@gmail.com - Red Eyes on Onata
Harvested all the budds with bud rot starting in them, left the rest on the plant for now. Trim is frozen in bags to use in edibles, large leaves I have read you can dry, powder and add to flour. Going to try that. Budds boxed and drying. Found a good quick way to get rid of sticky fingers. Rub some rice bran oil in and comes off easy.
In trouble. Prof Budd has been round. Not been feeding epsom salts. Have run out to be honest. Didn't think feeding while flushing was allowed. Also I have got budd rot starting, in big trouble now. He thinks it's too early to harvest but I should anyway. I think I will just go and harvest the affected budd seperately and dry and keep a closer eye on the rest for a few more days hopefully.