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Follow up on PH and fertilizers. Found this. Have not had time to find specs for MC.

How your Fertilizer Influences the pH of a Growing Medium

Well everything has messed up... i have NO light the 6 ladies i have that are 2 weeks into flower and 2 just starting out their life, this is just great.... Dont have no more$ for this grow so looks like im SOL:cough::lot-o-toke:
How do I balance my scientific beliefs without contradicting some our sponsors? Some of the stuff is snake oil. I don’t mind that they sell stuff that isn’t required since there are willing buyers out there. But when they start to believe their own propaganda and argue with science I start to vibrate
"scientific beliefs" "argue with science "
Im not sure you understand what science is bro :p
a;so your from alberta.. we dont need none of dat science stuff round here
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