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Welcome to the 420 Magazine Sponsor Forum. We are grateful for your sponsorship, which helps our mission to create global cannabis awareness. This orientation offers netiquette, guidelines and tips designed to help you integrate seamlessly with our members/readers and improve your possible market reach within our community.

This area provides your company with an opportunity to make announcements about specials and/or discounts and is configured so that only 420 Sponsors can initiate new threads.

Here are a few things to make your posts stand out better, while following our guidelines.

1. Posting Guidelines: Please be courteous and respectful in your posting and treat everyone like a customer. When our members sign up, they agree to abide by our Posting Guidelines, which also apply to our sponsors. Since the LED industry has the most amount of drama and game playing, we have developed LED Sponsor Guidelines as well.

2. Gallery Uploads: Please upload all photos of your products and logos to the Sponsors Gallery. Photos of cannabis plants and gardens, however, are to be uploaded to your members gallery. Please refer to our Photo Gallery Guide for more information.

3. Thread Titles: When posting specials and/or discounts, please always capitalize the first letter of every word. This ensures that all sponsor ads are uniform, keeping our searchable information professional and organized.

4. Website Promotion: Please promote your product website URL only. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, links to other websites or social networking sites are prohibited.

5. Private Messages: Please do not run your business through our PM system, because it runs the risk of implicating us in a potential federally illegal transaction. This is our standard protocol with all sponsors. Discussing logistics in PM is okay, just not for purchasing products. Please direct potential customers to your email address in public posts and handle the transaction outside of our website.

6. Other Cannabis Websites: Please do not link to or promote other cannabis websites here. We would like to be more directly connected with the global cannabis community, however, there are some bad seeds who spoil the fun for the rest of us. Allowing links to other cannabis websites has historically gotten out of hand due to product re-sellers and competitors spamming our forums with non sponsored products and attempting to recruit our members.

7. Tasteful Promotion: Please do not hijack topics or post duplicate messages. In the past, sponsors and sponsored growers have made honest mistakes by posting in a competitor's journal with signature enabled. Some have considered this hijacking the other sponsored journal, which can come across as being rude and disrespectful. This issue has sparked major drama and controversy, being perceived as an unethical marketing practice. You can turn off your signature in specific posts by unticking the box at the bottom of your reply that says, "Show Your Signature".

8. Sponsors Forum: We have a dedicated Sponsors Forum for tastefully promoting specials, discounts and contests. These get extra visibility on the forum home page side navigation. In the past, some sponsors have posted one or two new threads a day. This is not only unfair to other sponsors, but also looks like spam. We therefore ask all our sponsors to post no more than one thread per week in the Sponsors Forum. Within your threads, you may of course make as many posts as you wish.

9. Quoted Photo Replies: When replying to a post in a journal with lots of photos, please do not include the photos in your reply. Doing so is annoying to those who do not want to sift through tons of the same photos repeatedly, in order to get caught up.

10. Fluff Posts: Please make all of your comments meaningful and in regards to the discussion at hand, by limiting your posts to information about your products and/or services. Comments or smileys saying things like, "good job" are not adding any value to the posts/blogs/journals and are considered by many as annoying. Especially those who are subscribed, receiving email notifications for these types of fluff posts. A fluff post doesn't add any value to the thread. Stuff like "nice post", "that’s cool", "that’s helpful", "thanks for sharing". It's one thing when a member does it, when a sponsor does it's different and gets viewed as excessive advertising.

Please feel free to contact support@420magazine.com with any questions.

Become a 420 Sponsor by contacting sales@420magazine.com

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