• One day soon I'll be back in full force. Sorry for absence these past months. I hope brother Ched is holding the Fort down for the both of us.
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    your missed we never met as i was such a noob before scared to say hi. but i always found you gave so much great help. cant wait til i see your name arounf the forum again snid
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. You seem to always have a nice word for everyone and I'm honoured to now be able to call you a friend.
    Im loosing fan leaves on buds from low mag. i have mixed spray but they are dying quick what can i do can i save her
    Together we grow,
    from clone and Seed we sow.
    Water and air meet the soil,
    Find where the roots toil.
    Steady and even growth,
    The stems and flowers both.
    In the end it's but a friendly roast,
    To what makes me happy most.
    The greatest things are sad and silly,
    Enjoying life with friends and family.

    KiG everyone cheers
    Hi Snidrajsed,

    Thank you, I kinda like the sound of "the shtiggy" :) Your girl is beautiful, what kind is she?

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I found this message this morning. For some reason my notifications are on a delay.
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