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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, MSNL, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. Originally founded in 1999, MSNL started...

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CBD, Placebo Effect & Pain

While proponents say that cannabidiol (CBD) offers many benefits, its most common use is pain...

First Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene In Cannabis Identified

Dewey Scientific announces peer reviewed research identifying the first powdery mildew resistance gene in CannabisThe...

US Labs THC Fraud

A recent article published by FiveThirtyEight was highlighted on major news networks across the US,...

420 Product Review: Ispire Ducore Palm

Well, 420 Magazine Members & fans, I've got a new favorite portable vape for cannabis oils, and that's the Ispire Ducore Palm. As a Product...

MS Lawmakers Reach MMJ Deal

Mississippi lawmakers reach long-awaited medical marijuana deal. Here are the details. After a failed first try, the Senate passed a legislative alternative to the medical...

Panama Legalizes MMJ

Panama has legalized medical marijuana use, joining at least seven other Latin American countries. After a five-year struggle, Panama’s national assembly unanimously passed Bill 153...

NC A Step Closer To MMJ

MMJ Coming To Iowa City

A Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds In Bulk

You’re entering the legal big time. You’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in bulk. It’s a major investment and you’ve already probably spent a...

10 Reasons Why Weed Is Good For You

There’s been a renewed focus on wellness recently, which makes total sense given *gestures broadly at the world*. After all, we’re living through a...

Hot Flashes & Pot

If you’re considering trying pot to escape hot flash hell, here’s guidance on the best way to do that, and the science of why...



Joint Dreams: Reshaping MMJ In Massachusetts

On a stone bench, between Salem Harbor and The House of the Seven Gables, two friends settled in to smoke a little weed. "We do...

Activists Press Biden For Pardons

Al Harrington, Drake, Killer Mike Ask Pres. Biden To Pardon All Non-Violent Cannabis Offenders In a live-streamed event, NBA star Al Harrington, 4-Time Grammy-award winner...

Activist “OG” Eddy Lepp Dies

The cultivator of one of the “greatest marijuana gardens of all time" laid the seed for today's marijuana legalization movement.The cannabis community lost another...

Rosario Dawson Is On A Mission

Cannabis is a really hot investment right now. CBD and THC are being widely productized, with billions of investment dollars funneling into marijuana-based startups across...

How Do I Manipulate The Photoperiod For Larger Yields?

The only photoperiod manipulation from years of experiments that offered discernible improvements was this adjustment...

What Is Photosynthesis?

It has long been known that the green part of plants, when exposed to light...

What Distance Should My Light Be From My Plants?

For (artificial) light, there is a law that always applies known as the Inverse Square...

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