420 Sponsor of the Month: Medic Grow

We are pleased to announce that Medic Grow are 420 Magazine’s Sponsor Of The Month! After years of research and experience in the LED grow...

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420 Product Review: Cilicon ELEV Bar1

Finding versatility in cannabis smoking has become a world-wide pursuit and many have turned to vaping. The introduction of cannabis vaping hit markets with...

Louisiana Panel Shaping MMJ Policy

Louisiana weed task force faces looming deadline to solve drug testing problem A state panel has three weeks left to wrap up work on draft...

Medical Cannabis Could Replace Addictive Opioids

Medical cannabis could be a viable substitute for effective, but highly-addictive, opioids often used for pain relief, a new survey suggests, as researchers continue...

Mile High Cleaner – Taking Bong Cleaning To The Next Level

Mile High Cleaner is setting a whole new standard in bong cleaning for ease, cost and environmental credentials These days, general, household cleaning has been...


Depression, Anxiety And Marijuana

Knowledge of the link between weed, depression and other mental health markers has expanded rapidly in recent years. There was a panic over pot in...

Cannabis May Help Relieve Crohn’s Disease Symptoms

While some evidence suggests that cannabis may help relieve Crohn’s disease symptoms, more research is needed to show disease improvement. Here’s what you should...
Martin Condon

Martin Condon – Cork Weed Activist

Martin Condon, Cork weed activist, is planning a Christmas cannabis market in the city.He hopes it will be similar to an event held in...
Nikki Kateman

Nikki Kateman: Representing Workers In NY’s Cannabis Industry

Nikki Kateman is with the statewide labor union Local 338, which represents those in NY’s cannabis industry. Nikki Kateman answered eight simple questions for...

Olivia Newton-John: An Advocate For Cannabis

Olivia Newton-John was a much-needed advocate for cannabis cause. Why won't our doctors listen?Australia lost both a musical icon and an important advocate for...

Najanava Harvey-Quinn Talks Social Justice And Marijuana

Najanava Harvey-Quinn, inspired by her parents, themselves two activists, carries on the legacy of fighting for social justice.The hourlong cold and rainy car ride...