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Posted in the blog: What is the best way to toke bud?
When it comes to enjoying your favorite herb, the method you choose can significantly impact your overall experience. Many cannabis enthusiasts swear by the trusty bong as their go-to device for toking bud, and it's not without good reason. Let's dive into why bongs reign supreme in the world of...
Posted in the blog: 1 Day at a Time
As you might can see. It has been a process. CloneA01 Has been scalped, trying to get rit of the mildew-looking substance. Started Training the branches CloneA02: Training method with a MAIN VEIN or BRANCH CloneA01: Was Topped or clipped and branched out Azimuth...
Learn how to use Yocan UNI Pro and how to maintain and improve the electronic cigarette experience in daily life。
#9 Blue Gelato #41 Blueberry x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert 60% Indica 23% THC Appearance - Ghostly green and very very hairy. Encrusted with a glossy, glacier like sherbet shield. The buds crack open to a very sticky and sparkly white centre. Lovely to handle. Smell - Just...
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
Step 1 - Click Quote on the bottom of any post you want to quote. Step 2 - Click Insert Quotes. Step 3 - Quote Messages. Options: You can remove any quotes you don't want. You can re-order the quotes.
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
420 Magazine - How to Watch A Forum: 420 Magazine - How to Watch A Thread: 420 Magazine - How to Ignore Someone: 420 Magazine - How to See How Many Views A Thread Has:
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
To upload your photos to the 420 Magazine Photo Gallery, click Gallery and then Upload Photos: Clicking Upload Photos brings you to this screen: Click the Upload Photos button. Ensure the name of the photo is descriptive. The one I have below isn't great. Now, I usually include the name...
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
Videos can be uploaded from approved websites, which are YouTube and Vimeo. Video Upload Button: Enter the link you want to post: Video is Posted:
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
I mainly use this when searching for my own posts in a thread but it's also helpful when you remember reading about a particular topic but can't find the exact post in a thread. Search Button: When you click Search, this dialog box pops up: Fill in what you're searching, where you're...
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
To bookmark (save) a post, click the flag icon: After you click the flag, this box will pop up: Fill in a brief description and some tags and save: When you want to find one of your bookmarks, find your Username in the top right hand and click it. When it opens, click the Bookmarks...
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
To Disable Persistent Alerts, click Your Account and then Preferences. If Persistent Alerts are Enabled, you will receive an alert every time someone posts. If you don't want that, click the checkbox beside to remove and click Save.
Posted in the blog: Navigating 420 Magazine
To close your grow journal or make a change to an older post, just click the Report button. Enter what you want the moderator to do, i.e. close your grow journal, make changes to an older post, etc. and click Report. FYI - You can only edit a post you did for 420 minutes. After that, you will...
Posted in the blog: Yocan Pillar e-rig
Our new product Yocan Pillar compact e-rig is already available for purchase in major retail stations and offline stores. This electric dab rig has 5 different colors, which color of Yocan Pillar do you like best? Yocan Pillar portable e-rig 5 color analysis The pearl white Yocan Pillar e-rig...
#8 Silver Bubble Skunk #1 x Northern Lights x Haze 60% Indica 20% THC Appearance - Impressive first impression. These sativa looking buds are awesome. Loads of small buds wrapping round the stalks like ivy to create each nug. They glisten to perfection, almost as if she's been sat in the snow...
Posted in the blog: Hash blogger
This is a blog about all kinds of hash there is in gibraltar every week ill be posting diferent ones so hope you enjoy
Posted in the blog: Pat Puffer's Super Soil Recipe
This will wrap up my input entries for my super soil. Then I will go in to short detail about getting the substrate squared away. As you can tell this section is about Potassium; yay! There aren't many choices out there when it comes to this input; as far as dry amendments go. I just chose to...
#7 Birthday Cake Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie 60% Indica 22% THC Appearance - I'll be honest - when I opened up the jar, it just looked like your average green to me. The first impression didnt wow me, if anything I was slightly underwhelmed. After getting a really well grown and dense kush...
Posted in the blog: Plant Training
@Carcass has developed an excellent way to LST your plants. His steps are below. CARCASS' CANOPY TRAINING TUTORIALS Step 1 - Canopy Training Step 2 - Canopy Training Step 3 - Canopy Training Step 4 - Canopy Training Step 5 - Canopy Training Step 6 - Canopy Training Step 7 - Canopy Training...
#6 Skywalker Blueberry x Mazar 60% Indica 21% THC Appearance - This comes with a real punch. Multi shades of green. Chocolate brown hairs climbing each nug like ivy. Break open to find crystal white snow twinkling in the light. This really is a good looking strain. Smell - This gives a...
#5 Limoncello Original Lemonade x Cherry Pie 75% Sativa 19% THC Appearance - Lightish green, dense nugs with golden brown hairs. These small boulders really tease you to break them open - inside is just light green with a sparse purple crust. Amazing. Smell - The cherry pie has the dominance...
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