How to Make a Grow Journal



Follow These Steps to Create Your Grow Journal​

With enough setup information in the beginning, your grow journal will be seen and supported by growers from all over the world. The more pride and effort you put into your journal, the more response, interaction and support you will receive from everyone.

1. Click on the header text link (desktop) or the hamburger menu/three white bars (mobile)
2. Click "Grow Journals" and then click "Journals in Progress"
3. Click on the black button "Post Thread" to start your journal.
4. Create your title, utilizing proper grammar and structure.

A good title will include the member's name, strain, grow type and sponsor when applicable.

Here are some examples:
Mr. Green's Skywalker OG Hydro LED Grow Journal - 2023
Jim Baker's Hindu Kush & Tangie in Soil Grow Diary
Renee's Deep Water Culture Grow Featuring Berriez
Rob's Outdoor Field of Girl Scout Cookies Powered by SNS

Including this information in your title will help you get more followers and subscribers.

5. Copy/Paste this template and change the answers to reflect your grow environment data.

Strain/s: ObiWan Kush & Girl Scout Cookies
Genetic Makeup: Hybrid Sativa
Pot/Bucket Size: 3.5 Gallon
Tent Size: 4' x 4'
Grow Space: 10' x 10'
How Many Plants: 10
Environment: Indoor
Stage: Flowering
Medium: 75% Perlite 25% Vermiculite
Lights: 1000 Watt LED
Nutrients: Remo Nutrients
Room/Tent Temperature: 78°
Relative Humidity: 65%
Media/Res PH: 7
Pests: None
Watering: Once Daily

This information makes it easier to get grow support, while keeping the community interested in your project.

6. Upload photos to our Photo Gallery and embed them in your journal. See our Photo Gallery Guide for further guidance. Titling your images and adding tags and descriptions is important, so people can find your targeted topics. The only way to receive optimal attention, feedback and support is to provide photos.

7. Update your journal as often as possible with new photos and commentary of your progress.

8. When your harvest is complete, click the
Report bell at bottom left of the last post in your journal.

9. We will move your journal to Completed Journals and you can start a new one.

10. Complete a Strain Review using our How To Make a Strain Review tutorial.


Tips To Help You Get Nominated for Grow Journal of the Month​

  • Frequent Activity & Updates: Updated at least once per week, preferably daily
  • Attention To Detail: Discuss growing methods and techniques in detail
  • Quality Photography: Clear and good quality pictures
  • Proper Grammar & Structure: Well-written and easy to understand
  • General Forum Conduct: Adhere to published forum guidelines
  • Stays On Topic: Focused mostly on Cannabis cultivation
  • Responds To Questions: Provide clear and thoughtful responses
  • Explains Well & Offers Advice: Journal is a good environment for new growers to learn
  • Promotes our Sponsors: Feature or recommend our Sponsors when possible


Tips & Tricks to Gain Followers & Grow Journal Subscribers​

  • First and foremost, be patient and consistent. Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • Introduce yourself in the intro forum, and add a link to your journal so everyone can get acquainted with you. Then you can follow each other and subscribe to each others grow journals.

  • Subscribe to other grow journals and make comments, showing your interest in their work.

  • Help others solve problems in the FAQs forum, this is a great way to make friends.

  • When you need help with your grow, it's best to post your questions in the FAQs or Problems, Pests & Disease forum, then link to that post in your journal. You'll get faster attention and support, and those people may also find their way to your journal.

  • Reply to those who post in your journal, or at minimum hit the like/love/thanks right away, and respond when you have more time. It's important for your followers to know that you appreciate them and are reading their posts or comments.

  • Update regularly so your journal has a higher likelihood of being discovered by people browsing the forums. Older posts can sometimes get buried before they have a chance to be noticed.

  • Add tags and images to your journals so people searching for something specific like strain names, nutrients and lighting can find their way to your content.

  • Upload pictures to the gallery instead of just uploading them using 'attach photo'. The gallery is another avenue of discovery, and will help others find your grow journal.

  • Interact with and befriend others. If you take the time to subscribe to and post in other people's journals, lots of those people will reciprocate, making your journal more active and visible. Some of the top journalists spend more time reading and posting in others journals, than they do their own.

  • Add a link to your grow journal in your signature so when people see your posts in other threads, they can find their way to your journal.

  • Welcoming new members in the Introduce Yourself forum, is a great way to gain new followers and subscribers. People always remember those who first welcomed them and made them feel included.

  • Get involved in the monthly contests to put yourself out there and get noticed.

  • Be bold, innovative and adventurous. Experiment and push boundaries. Test new growing techniques or hypotheses and take advantage of trends. For example droughting, SIP or whatever is hot at the moment can provide traffic to your journal.

  • Tag your friends and followers to alert them of your new journal. Some people like to tag a few of the higher profile members, asking them to subscribe to their journal for support.

  • Include information about where you're from. It doesn't need to be specific, just your country or state. People are more likely to visit and eventually follow with the occasional comment on a journal when they can relate to where the member is from.

  • Maximizing the quality of your grow journal is essential, but the social part is what makes it shine. Sometimes a little flattery and scratching of backs, can be the key to success.

Just made a minor revision to the lead post - we're asking that people include the medium (soil, DWC, hydro, etc.) in their grow journal title.

Will help with the organization and make it easier for people to find the journal type they are looking for ;)

420's Hydro Skywalker Grow Journal - 2010
420's Outdoor Skywalker Grow Journal - 2009
420's Soil Skywalker Grow Journal - 2010
420's Deep Water Culture Skywalker Grow Journal -2008
i've been cruising this site from the outside for over a year....jut joined a few months ago....thought i was all set.....all i can say is that i didnt know shit before!!!....thankyou 420 and everyone that's a part of this!!!!my harvests have doubled!!!! i'm feeling kinda guilty that i havent made a journal to share my delight with you guy's yet.......soon soon!!!!.....
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