• i been getting by. alot of stuff has gone on for me in thepast couple weeks and i believe its going to get harder but cant wait for this summer im sure that will clear things up when the time comes

    (sorry im talkin in code for what a shitty winter i been through and the shit that has gone on with it)
    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope all are having a happy and healthy end to the year.
    Yo yo Munki man, I was wondering about you, Glad you stopped by and I hope life is treating you well..... I'm trying to get it going, been busy so hard to keep up with things.. Don't be a stranger. Peace to you my friend
    It was my pleasure Munki :circle-of-love:

    You and your wife were a breath of fresh air also. Glad we had time together!:bravo:
    Just trying to live the dream and waiting for frikin winter to hurry up and get here.... and lots of :roorrip:
    Regarding the Friends aspect of 420 Magazine, I don't think that it does anything special in the Forums but indicates a kinship towards another member. I've felt that you've contributed much to my early days in keeping me motivated plus support of the community at large. I would be honored to have you as a friend in any respect of the word, TS.
    Hola Munki. Bro, I must have been st0n3d the day they covered all that (anti-)social web chit in the old school of hard knocks (or maybe I'm a little too old). Can you explain the whole "friend" concept? Err... As relates to web forums, lol.

    It was no task to view your journals. Sensible, entertaining, informative, and helpful to others. You've been a valuable member here from day one (IMHO).

    High Munki!
    Thanks for rating my pic a 10! The caster guides on that light work great! They were installed by using industrial strength velcro with adhesive backing so I did'nt need to drill bolts into the light. That idea should work for any large flat panel type light like T5s or LEDs if they have swinging issues on a mover :peace:
    Thanks Munki. Good to be back. I missed this place a lot but had to get my life straightened out and help myself before I could continue to help others. Hempy Holidaze to you too. lol
    Thanks for the confirmation to my question about the stems and the rep for my grow! Cheers
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