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  • Julie, hi! Where do I go to edit my signature? I wanted to put my journal there, but having trouble finding such option. Thanks in advance
    Dear Julie,

    Sorry to bother you but I can't figure out who to contact. We have a grow journal going and the name of the thread needs to be changed. Can that be done?

    What happened is that we put the strain names in the title and those died and we had to regroup and replant.
    Here are the current strain names to replace the old one if you can:

    Afghan Kush Ryder
    Red Dwarf
    Purple Haze
    Spicy White Devil
    El Alquimista
    Supersonic Cristal Storm

    Thank you so much for your time and trouble to do this.

    Hi Julie, our grow journal is completed. How do we request the thread be moved into completed journals? Appreciate your assistance. Thanks
    Thanks for the REPs!

    And I expected my reply to be deleted, lol. Politely replying to a spammer whose account would expire faster than last Tuesday's leftover ~TS~ Surprise(*) Meat Casserole was just a (mild) way to blow off a little steam. Besides, "There is no such thing as a free lunch" did not translate well into the dialect of Chinese that the PRC has mandated cloners/counterfeiters/hucksters in the Shenzhen area of the Guangdong Province anyway.


    (*)Surprise! I was out of meat.
    It took me a while to talk her into using the balm but once she tried it worked wonders! Thank you so much! Glad to have met you!
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