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  • Hey 12, just wanted to stop by an let you know that you're missed. I saw that you looked in sometime in Jan.
    Hoping that means you're ok and all is well in your world. It'd be nice to see ya around here again, sharing your knowledge...Give us a holler!:Namaste:
    :thanks: brother Twelve! Can you believe I just noticed the moderator tag below your name...vape on bro! :allgood: Anyway, I just wanted to say again how glad I am that you'll not only be around, but are on staff now! Congratulations, and +reps!
    Grats on the Mod Position!!

    Thanks for the rep, brother!! you put me over 1100 and gave my 4th light green pip!
    Welcome to the Staff brotha! Glad to see you in the back with us now. Like I have said multiple times now. You are a TRUE asset to this site, community, and the mission. Again, :welcome:.

    Your help has been above and beyond all. I love the bat call it really works great. Your a world of knowledge! and a very good grower! congrats on all of your achievements! and thanks again for all your help! :Namaste:
    Yeah, I noticed it while scanning through some of my old posts, and just got exited about helping to pursuade you into breeding, for obvious reasons, look how well you took it on!!! Looking forward to seeing you continue brother!
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