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  • Smoke2J's I kinda have a problem with my girls.The Sensi Star turned hermy on me. I'm 40 days into flower and really hate to pull them. I have 4 more plants OG Kush and i would hate for them to turn also. Do you have any ideas, Besides picking the banannas off the top of the buds.
    There's not a whole lot of banannas just a couple per plant ( 1 to many ) and I picked them off very carfully. I'm frustrated,upset,and pissed all in one.LMAO
    OH! And not to be rude how are you doing? I'm fine other than my little problem.
    I wish I had pics to show you. My camera's not that great. But they are little banannas on top of the buds. I don't know what stressed them to turn on me.
    Any ideas would really help me out please.
    THANK YOU ALOT! Charlie

    PS hows your girls doing? Almost time to go outside.
    2j's, sorry about no reply sooner. just ran across u're message. doin' fine...hope u r too! started my usual 165 seeds & got 108 females. just started up the tanks & should cull down to 85/90 healthy plants. looking forward to spring & u're killer grows outdoors. send me a link when u get started. good luck!
    hey brother thanks for the kind words, wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!:party:
    i had posted quite a few pics of the super cropping and the colas and the Berry bomb number one plant BTW about 10 minutes after you had mentioned you couldnt wait to see some of my stuff....
    Thanks for the add friend... :thumb:
    Your garden was the first outdoor grow I saw when I joined here. I wanted to set up camp in there immediately and just take in the scenery.
    lol im sorry im not laughing at you or what you bought, well actually yeah im laughing at the product lol.... i cant believe it only costs 30.00 some dollars?...lol theres your FIRST mistake or theres the first reason why not to buy it.... check out the 420 jars page... theyre micros look awesome and they do have focusing as well as a few other bells n whistles that your USB mico doesnt have... it looks so much worse than the 420 jars.com one im about to order...i got really affraid for a day or so when finding out you had ordered something that i figured to be exactly what i had gotten. def check it out heres the link ...

    400x USB Microscope

    Big rock Johnson can shove that horrid camera you bought up for all i care! damn crappy technology!....lol.... i think your gonna love the look and feel of the other camera... and check out the video BTW.... it shows exactly how it works andwhat it can do
    hey that camera you bought is it the X200 or X400 USB camera?..... i got mine form 420jars.com - 420 Science - or i mean im ABOUT to buy mine from there..... just wondering check it out if you didnt buy yours or that kind you got from there.
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