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  • high man :Namaste:

    just to let u know u got a broken link ind ur signature.. the last one don't work
    Thanks for the friend request. It is greatly appreciated!! That picture makes me laugh and very excited at the same time!! LOL!! What is it with those damn combat boots!! Now I will have to visit your visitor page more often!!
    Just wanted to wish you a Hempy Birthday, enioy the shrimp and your evening and Stay Irieeeeeeee...:28::ganjamon:
    Aloha! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I like the quote in your profile, how true.

    Anywho, much thanks for stopping by my grow! :) It's my first time, boy am I EXCITED!!!!
    Loving your profile pick. to change your link to be all pretty. when you edit your sig, instead of pasting, use the insert link button above the text box on the right. it will pull up a text box, enter or paste the link there. hit enter or ok, you will notice that some text is highlighted. start typing what you want it to say, hit enter. then preview sig. If its what you want save. if not just re high light the text that is not the url and enter to your hearts desire*.hope this helps.

    *Hearts desire limited to 1200 characters and code.
    Yea, it's hard not to love a place where people are just so positive, caring and compassionate...just down right beautiful people IMO...less a couple of bad eggs but I just tune them out anyway...lol

    Yea, I was a regular here a couple of yrs ago but lost my comp to virus's so I lost touch but I think I rejoined about the same time you joined so we are both having to get around and meet new people.

    Here at 420 mag it doesn't take long to make friends if you have a good, genuine and censer heart...like yours

    :peace: & :love: to you and yours
    Hey girl, just wanted to say thanks for the likes and for helping everyone here with their grows.

    I look forward to getting to know you better as we both seem to have some of the same views and tend to chime in on the same threads...good lookin' out sweety, it's refreshing to see such love for the new members here +420reps :welldone::thanks:

    Sorry, I should've told you that I use FF nutes my first grow but will be using BPN nutes for my second grow. When I been with the 3 gallon pots I have had very little run off. I thought I read somewhere with FF soil you don't need to give them a lot of water. I was doing feed water feed but I will try your way. I do water about every 4 days now. My next question with this second grow is when should I start nutes and top? I started late with both on first grow so I think my yield is gonna suck!
    lol sorry im stoned, i just now seen your message on your page after i posted this one, but anyway with the watering and feeding you should mix up a half dose of your nutes to get them started with a gallon of water and devide that up between all of them and that should be enough, then in another 2 to three days i would water them with plain ph'ed water, ph'ed at 6.5, i also ph my nutes at 6.5 and i haven't had any problems so far, knock on wood lol, and you should go in the pattern of feed, water, water and repeat, and with underwatering and overwatering you wanna water and feed them untill they have some runoff, and you should be fine, i dont know what kinda nutes you use but im sure at this point if you give them half strength they should be fine and shouldn't over do it, if you need anything else let me know and i'll try to help you the best i can, and again good luck!!! :thumb: :tokin:
    Did you say help? I never turn down some help! As for the bulbs, my bf had bought them for me. I got rid of them awhile ago and switched to cfls. I have 9 23w and one 13w. I started with 6 plants in first grow but 2 were males and one I accidently snapped when I was trying to bend her. Now I have 3 and 4 little seedlings all under 12/12. My latest gallery pics are wk 6. I do have a few questions. I am having a hard time telling Indica from Sativa, yeah yeah I know..lol..I get confused on which is which. And now that I have them in 3 gallon pots, how much water/nutes to give them. I think I was overwatering them in the beginning but now I think I am underwatering. I only give them a cup to a cup and half of water/nutes.
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