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  • I just feed the recommended dosage on the chart provided! Corey formulated the nutrients specifically for cannabis so you shouldn't have to worry to much about over/under feeding. You may need to adjust dosage's slightly depending on strains but for the most part the feeding schedule chart is pretty accurate! Don't be to afraid, cannabis can take quite a beating and these are quality nutrients that would compare with all the top hydro nutrient companies, just give it a try. If you are using the hydroponic synthetic line of BPN a TDS meter could help with more accurate feedings but it is not necessary.
    Thanks for messaging me. I responded but I guess it only showed up on my profile. I still haven't gotten the hang of how things work on this site. Didn't know if my response will show on ur page or mine. I don't see it on yours but it is on mine, thanks for breaking my message cherry! LOL
    Hi Buddy...I have Nikon L 110 camera. I back away from the plants and focus from a distance. Seems to work better that way, than using the macro focus.
    Another way is to use some picture software and blow the image up. Hope that helps.OMM
    Hi Buddy.
    I've never reused my soil.....Jo gets my used soil for her flower garden.
    Many folks do use they're soil again after renewing it. Look in the "How to Grow"
    section...there are many formulas for refreshing your soil, there should be at least one you should like. Actually I tried it once but made it too rich and burned all my plants. OMM :yummy:
    Hey Suka, I have been re using my organic soil. It took some getting used to in the beginning but has worked out good.. Give her a try, and keep a good eye on them for the first few weeks... If you have had pests or fungus you will need to sterilize the soil too, but if that is the case then it much better to get new soil...
    lol thats rite, lol you gotta excuse me my memory is alittle shot..and thanks, im glad you like it..and i wanted to thank you again for the points even though i have no idea on what to do with them lol, but i definitely appreciate it, thanks!!!
    You posted that in my journal lol I experimented with some mid seeds and the technique worked very well! They seemed to germinate much quicker this way, which makes sense considering the seedling didn't have to use as much energy cracking its shell and establishing a tap root. Good thinkin' Suka ;) Thanks again for your help!
    i posted this on somebodys page and i just want to add it to my messages that way i have it and i dont have to type it again.. plus i hope it helps who ever sees it..

    you could also take a very fine peice of sand paper and rub around the seed to sand it down alittle bit, lets the water get in easier and faster, so after you sand it down then place it between a nice big folded soaked paper towell, leave it in there until it grows a nice size tail, 1 inch preferabley, make a hole in ur soil an inch long stick the tail in it and leave the seed or if the seed fell off and you have the set of leaves leave them sittin on top of the soil, then pack the soil around the tail and there you go, i promise you it will work everytime, you wont have to go lookin for it, plus it dont hurt to give it a try, if you do let me know what you think...
    Hope I was able to provide some helpful info - don't know a ton about soil, but I'll keep popping in to your journal and will help as I can. Good luck my friend!
    You wrote i wanted to know if i should cut the little tiny budds off the lower part of the branchs ........ and i've been growing this plant for 4 monthes now and its still not done.. how long does it usaully take or does it all depend on the plant..

    If your indoor and you have a higher wattage HID light like a 400,600 or 1000 and you are not too crowded then I'd leave them also if your outdoors. If you have lower wattage, then maybe you could remove some of the lowest or the ones that don't get enough light.

    4 weeks? Total growing time? Depends on when your plant went to flower. Once a plant goes to flower depending on what it's genetics are, it could be anywhere form 7-13 weeks to mature. Get a scope from Radio shack and look at the trichomes. Clear/Cloudy or Amber. If you've got an indica dominant strain, go with 50 cloudy and 50% amber. If sativa, clear cloudy. Hope I helped ya a little. Look around on the site and you'll find all kinds of tutorials.
    Thanks for the '10' on my pic! I've looked at yours also and rated it at a '10' also. Yours is beautiful!
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